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America Diagnostics, Inc is a California company, that manufactures AmeriDx® IVD kits, markets AmeriDx® raw materials including diagnostics antigen markers and the antibodies, and offers DNA analysis services on the GeneScanTM platform.

Vision: Decode gene information at any time and everywhere for a better life.

Mission: Make DNA diagnostics portable, reliable and affordable

Value: Be honest, work as team and stay focused.

America Diagnostics has been enforced with the ISO9001:2015 quality management system since 2014, to ensure the reliability and reproducibility of all products.

The GeneScanTM Precision DNA Analysis System is based on PCR amplification of nucleic acids and fluorescent signal recording, the system automatically interprets the results and generates a report. GeneScan System can finger-print DNA sequence and discriminate single nucleotide polymorphism (SNPs), which can be used in microbiota characterization and grouping, and pharmacogenetic diagnosis.

America Diagnostics has developed the AprexBioTM recombinant protein over-expression and purification system which enhances the protein solubility in E coli and mammalian cell culture medium. This system strictly adjust the recombinant protein synthesis rate at a desire level to maximizing the protein folding, and avoid inclusion body formation.

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Recombinant protein expression service

Guaranteed 1 mg of purified soluble protein from $500 ! Introduction ADX is pleased to launch the protein expression and purification service. ADX...
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