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Smart PCR Film Sealer

Innovative FS-A20 Smart PCR Film Sealer, for PCR plate and tubes

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Innovative rolling design is adopted for FS-A20 Smart PCR Film Sealer, which can effectively avoid sample loss and spatial cross-infection. It can be applied in conventional PCR(Polymerase Chain Reaction) and fluorescence qPCR(Qualitative Polymerase Chain Reaction). The machine is easy for operation, 4 modes are available (pressure-sensitive film, adhesive film, 0.1mLPCR 8-strip tubes,0.2mLPCR 8-strip tubes), user-friendly software interface facilitating parameters and rolling time setup. Rolling frequency can be adjusted according to the requirement of individual pressure-sensitive films and reaction plates.


  • Touch screen display, convenient and intuitive operation.
  • Excellence sealing, no evaporation, good consistency.
  • lt can seal film for 96-well and 384 well PCR reaction plate, pressure-sensitive film and adhesive film; 8-strip tubes. 
  • Flexible and adjustable parameters with the rolling frequency (1-99) and rolling values (1-3). 
  • Quiet for comfortable working environment. 
  • Adapters are easy to replace and can be customized.

Operation Steps

  1. Plug in the power cord, turn on the power switch; 
  2. Select the mode, place the corresponding adapter, 96-well sealing adapter, 384-well sealing adapter and 8-strip tubes gland adapter.
  3. Press “start”, the film sealer will automatically enter the working chamber and automatically seal the film/ gland according to different working modes.

Instrument Information


14.25” x 7” x 11.46” / 18.52 lb

Compatible PCR Reaction PlatesPCR reaction plate without skirt, half skirt, full skirt, Elisa plate, 0.1ml /0.2ml PCR 8-strip tubes
Compatible Films

PCR sealer film (pressure-sensitive, adhesive film)

Running Times1 ~ 99
Rolling Position 1 ~ 3

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Smart PCR Film Sealer

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PCR plate film for qPCR, transparent, press sensitive

100 pcs

Product Insert (AFS-A20-PCR_Plate_Sealer.pdf, 142 Kb) [Download]

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PCR plate film for qPCR and Real-time PCR, transparent, press sensitive, 100 pcs/box, AG6065

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