AmeriDx® Recombinant Poliovirus RdRp Protein (21231287), 1 mg

Recombinant Poliovirus RdRp Protein

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Catalog Number: 21231287

Size: 1 mg

Source: RdRp (3Dpol) protein from insect sf9 cells.

             NCBI ID: AIS73056/1762E-2188F



Host: sf9 cells

Format: Dry Powder

Reactivity: Immune assay with RdRp monoclonal antibody.

QC Testing: Concentration Measurement, SDS-PAGE Analysis.

Formulation and Purity

Recombinant protein AIS73056 region 1762E-2188F with 6-Histine tag at C-terminal from insect cells sf9 in 1 x PBS. The protein is > 97% pure, as determined by SDS-PAGE. The concentration is measured by Nanodrop.

Storage Buffer: In PBS before lyophilized

Preparation and Storage

Upon received, save at freezer immediately if not used. After initial reconstitution with DI water (50-100uL), aliquot if necessary, and save the product at -80°C for future use.


Polio virus RdRp protein is key player in virus invading into human cells, and virus RNA replication inside human cells[1,2,3]. the protein has a right hand palm structure, similar to covid-19 RdRp, zika virus RdRp and dengue virus RdRp proteins[4,5]


The purified protein is part of full length RdRp protein with a c-terminal his tag.

Product Notices

  • Since applications vary, each investigator should titrate the reagent to obtain optimal results.
  • Please refer to for technical protocols.


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