AmeriDx® Human GIF ELISA Kit (colorimetric, 96 wells, E20142015)

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Human GIF ELISA Kit (Vitamin B12 )

This assay is a direct enzyme immunoassay for vitamin B12 associated protein GIF. 

Specificity This assay has high sensitivity and excellent specificity for detection of human GIF protein. No significant cross-reactivity or interference was observed.
Standard Curve Range 5.5 ng/mL - 60 ng/mL
Sensitivity 0.35 ng/mL
Assay Type Colorimetric ELISA
Inter-Assay %CV < 10
Intra-Assay %CV < 8.0
Sample Volume 50 - 100 uL
Kit Type ELISA Kit (Colorimetric)

shipped in: blue ice

storage temperature: 4°C.

This product is for research use only in US, and for diagnostics device in Europe with CE mark.

Kit components

  1. Assay plate (8x 12 strips)
  2. Standard
  3. HRP-avidin (100 x concentrate)
  4. HRP-avidin Diluent
  5. Stop Solution
  6. Biotin-conjugate Diluent
  7. Biotin-conjugate (10 x concentrate)
  8. Sample Diluent
  9. Wash Buffer (25 x concentrate)
  10. TMB Substrate
  11. Instruction manual

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