AmeriDx® XD-F6001 Stool Automatic Analyzing System (For Research Use Only)

 SAAS, from sample to report in minutes!SAAS


  • Computer automated steps via software interface
  • Automatic high speed mechanical mixing of stool sample
    • addition of buffer to stool sample
    • mixing (for complete extraction)
    • loading (the sample to detection position)
    • imaging (of bacteria, viruses, oocysts, etc.)
    • testing (with preload AmeriDxTM card)
    • result analysis
    • report generation
  • Sample extraction by centrifugal double layer filter
  • Sample-batched processing (maximum loading: 32)
  • Customized detection parameters: FOB, H. pylori, adenovirus, rotavirus, etc.


  • Routine fecal sample tests, including general characteristics, microscopic analyses, and larva and protozoa tests
  • Fecal Occult blood test by immunity method and/or chemistry method
  • Virology tests: Rotavirus, Adenovirus, Coxsackie virus, Hepatitis E virus, and Poliovirus
  • Bacteriology tests: H. pylori in the stomach, Bacillary dysentery, Enteropathogenic bacterium in the large intestine, Typhoid and paratyphoid (Salmonella Typhi), Cholera (Vibrio cholerae), Salmonella bacterium, Y. enterocolitica, etc.
  • Parasite oocysts test by immunity method

Product Performance:

  •     Reliable sample preparation with automatic mixing, centrifugation, and filtration processes
  •     High resolution imaging system
  •     Automatic sample preparation and analysis
  •     A report is generated by default setting in the program, human intervention is optional, and the results can be store in central database
  •     Pathogen counting table is available
  •     3-D image system embeded
  •     Easy to learn user-friendly operation 
  •     Teflon technology for probe cleaning

Standard Configuration:

  • Main unit
  • Needle for picking up samples
  • Needle for adding reagent 
  • High speed mixer
  • Built-in microscope  
  • Built-in electron eyepiece 
  • Camera outlay
  • Slots for sample tubes (32)
  • Preloaded Rapid test cards (32)
  • Counting pool
  • Software
  • Two year warranty


  • PC (At least 2.4GHz CPU+1G ems memory+250G hard disk+ 22" LCD+ Resolution1680*1050 + RS-232 connector)
  • HP Laser printer


Product Name Package Info
Sample larva collecting cup/sample cup    576 pieces/box
Dilution reagent 10L
Cleaning reagent 1L
FOB test card 2 in 1    25 tests/box
Rotavirus test card     25 tests/box
Adenovirus test card    25 tests/box
H. pylori test card    25 tests/box
Coxsackie virus test card      25 tests/box
2 in 1 test card (customizable) 25 tests/box
3 in 1 test card (customizable) 25 tests/box
4 in 1 test card (customizable) 25 tests/box


Enhanced Version of AmeriDx® XD-F6001 Stool Automatic Analyzing System integrates with GeneScanTM Precision DNA Analysis Module.


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