AmeriDx® Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis Kit, Cat# E20142018 (12 rnxs)

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AmeriDx® AD microRNAs Diagnosis Kit (E20142018) is designed for quantitative analysis of microRNAs (miRNAs) biomarkers in Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) development in human blood, Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF), nasal mucosa or other body fluid, providing diagnosis and therapeutic guidance. The assay is sensitive, accurate and reliable.

MicroRNAs have been employed as biomarkers for cancer and other diseases for diagnosis and evaluation of the grade level. A 12-miRNA panel proposed by Leidinger and colleagues showed 93% accuracy and 95% specificity and 92% sensitivity for differentiation of healthy from Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) individuals [1]. Another 3-microRNAs in CSF-circulating exosomes are significantly changed in AD patients compared with healthy controls [2]. Studies in nasal fluid and tears of AD patients also found significant miRNAs recently [3,4].

AmeriDx® Alzheimer Diagnosis Kit is a miRNA kit including all the necessary reagents for quick and accurate miRNA quantitation in biopsy. Once the miRNA is extracted, a poly(A) tail is added to the 3’ end of miRNA, the miRNA with poly(A) tail is reverse transcribed with oligo(dT)-SP-primer, then SYBR PCR method is employed to quantitatively measure the copy numbers of specific miRNA. 


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