AmeriDx® Calprotectin (CPTN) ELISA Kit (colorimetric, 96 wells)

AmeriDx® Calprotectin (CPTN) ELISA Kit (colorimetric, 96 wells, E21231221 ) 

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AmeriDx® Human Calprotectin (CPTN) ELISA Kit (Item No E21231221 )

The AmeriDx® Calprotectin (CPTN) ELISA Kit is a designed for the quantification of human Calprotectin (CPTN, S100A8/S100A9) in stool samples.

CPTN is a stool (fecal) marker for detecting inflammation in the intestines. Intestinal inflammation is associated with various bacterial infections and correlated to inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) activity and severity. AmeriDx® Calprotectin Rapid Test Kit is not diagnostic but may be used to distinguish between IBD and non-inflammatory disorders. It may also be used to monitor IBD disease activity. Multiple stool collections and tests are necessary to identify CPTN levels in patient.


This assay has high sensitivity and excellent specificity for detection of human CPTN antigen in human fecal sample, serum, plasma, cell culture.

Standard Curve Range

32 pg/mL – 2,500 pg/mL


35 pg/mL

Detection Method


Assay Range

inter-assay cv: <12%

intra-assay cv: <10%

Sample Volume

50-100 uL

Shipped in

wet ice

Storage Temperature


This product is for research use only in US.

Kit Components

  1. Human CPTN Capture Antibody coated ELISA plate, 12 x 8-well strips, Item Number: 21231221P (1)
  2. Human CPTN Standards, Item Number: CPTN-CAL
    • CPTN-CAL-A (1)
    • CPTN-CAL-B (1)
    • CPTN-CAL-C (1)
    • CPTN-CAL-D (1)
    • CPTN-CAL-E (1)
  3. CPTN detection Antibody Mix, Item Number: 21231221DB (1)
  4. ELISA Substrate Solution, Item Number: ESUBS22 (1)
  5. Concentrate Wash Buffer, Item Number: CWBuffer22 (1)
  6. Concentrate Assay Diluent, Item Number: CADiluent22 (1)
  7. Stop Solution, Item Number: ESTOP22 (1)
  8. Instruction manual, M021620173, (1).


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