About Us

America Diagnostics, Inc is a California company that manufactures IVD diagnostics kits and raw materials. Together with GeneScan Diagnostics, LLC, the company has been developed and manufactured AmeriDx(R) immune based IVD devices and GeneScanTM Precision DNA Analysis System with its GeneScanTM DNA Analysis Kits.

Vision: Monitoring your body anytime and anywhere.

Mission: Make biomarker diagnostics tools portable, reliable and affordable

Value: Be honest, work as team and stay focused.

GeneScan Diagnostics has enforced the ISO9001:2015 quality management system since 2014, and ISO13485:2016 system in 2020 to ensure the reliability and reproducibility of all products.

America Diagnostics has developed the AprexBioTM recombinant protein over-expression and purification system which increases the protein solubility in E coli, insect cells and mammalian cells. This system is optimized for difficulty proteins in re-folding, especially protein from inclusion body. America Diagnostics offers custom protein purification services.

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