Our Technology

America Diagnostics, Inc. is a California company that produces diagnostics raw materials and develops In Vitro Diagnostics devices. The quality of AmeriDx® products is guaranteed by its quality management system. All the products are manufactured in a clean environment and have great reliability and reproducibility. The three main product categories are antigen/antibody, ELISA kits and molecular detection kits.

Vision: Convenient and accurate diagnosis.

Mission: To provide accessible, reliable and affordable diagnostic devices that enable people to monitor their health and well-being.

Value: Honesty, teamwork and focus. 

1. Inducible Protein Expression System

  • Recombinant protein expressions are precisely controlled, and proportional to the concentration of inducer added, which can maximize the opportunities that the target proteins remain soluble at lower induction rate.
  • Broad host feature, AmeriDx® vectors can replicate in both gram-positive and gram-negative bacterium, which can increase the possibility finding the optimal host for individual difficult proteins.
  • The gene regulon can work in both prokaryote and eukaryotic cells.

2. AmeriDx® qEIA System

AmeriDx(R) qEIA is a fast and simplified immune sandwich assay that only takes 90 minutes to results with just one wash step, it provides quick and accurate quantitation of target proteins in serum, plasma, and cell culture supernatant. 

3. AmeriDx® MicroRNA Detection System

AmeriDx® MicroRNA Detection System is a quick and accurate microRNA quantitative measurement platform using regular spectrometer reader, easy to use and affordable to most of the general biology laboratory. The whole process is about 1.5 hours, from RNA extraction to data collection.

Advantage of AmeriDx® MicroRNA detection system:

  • Easy to use, 5 steps for the whole process
  • Quick detection
  • LoD is 1 pm of microRNA
  • No special equipment needed.

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