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Antibody clone, from hybridoma cells to stable antibody over-expressed cell lines

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Product Description

AprexBio offers antibody cDNA cloning and over-expression of antibody in mammalian cell lines or bacterial host.

1, Start either with hybridoma cells or B cells from immunized animals, AprexBio will clone the both heavy chain variable region (VH) and light chain variable region (VL) of monoclonal antibodies to the over-expression vector with your preference.

2, A small library will be constructed and screened.

3, High titer antibody expression colonies will be identified, and delivered to customers.

What does the customer provide to AprexBio ?

1. >= 105 cells per hybridoma cells, or spleen cells/tissue.

2. Antigen can be used for screening.

What does customer expect from AprexBio ?

1-5 stable cell line clones expressing high level of target antibody, and 100 ug recombinant antibody from each clone.(Catalog# ABC0316).

Please ask for detail or quote.

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