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Protein Expression and Purification Services - Insect cells, no protein no charge

Protein Expression and Purification Services - insect cells

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AmeriDx Protein Purification Services -- Insect cells


Insect cells have unique features in heterogenous protein expression and purification: 1) the cells tolerate multiple insertions of exogenous gene in it's genome sequence, therefore the protein yield significant increase compared with mammalian cell protein expression system; and 2) the proteins from insect cells has 70% glycosylation of human cells, helping protein correct folding. 

Insect Cells Recombinant Protein Expression in Systems at ADX

1. Two insect cell protein expression systems are available: 1) stable S2 cell lines; 2) baculovirus protein expression systems.

Exogenous protein gene is cloned into AmeriDx insect expression vector, and transfected to insect S2 cells, and screening for single colony expressing target proteins, and use this clone for large scale protein expression and purifications.

or use baculovirus vector to carry recombinant protein gene, produce high titer baculovirus from sf9 cells, and introduce the virus back to sf9 cells, and express high level of target protein for purifications.

2. Two-Step Purification Procedure - Guarantee the purity

after cell lysis, the protein extraction runs again an affinity column (myc, his tag or GST), then by a size exclusion column to remove any non target proteins.

Services and Price Summary

Insect cells

(Cat# APXP-S2)

  • Subcloning
  • Generation of recombinant vector DNA
  • Establish stable insect cell line or baculovirus
  • Expression and purification of target protein
  • QC by SDS-PAGE, Western blot*
  • Tag removal service available

Purified soluble protein

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* Western blot, the customer provides antibody to target protein or ordering information, and ADX will purchase the antibody for the customer.

These Packages have the following features:

  • Customer provides the plasmid or the expression strain/cell lines harboring target gene.
  • Size of the target protein is usually under 100 kDa.
  • In some rare cases, in order to facilitate expression, ADX may try different tags and the final protein product may contain such tag
    The final purified protein is tag-containing.
  • ADX will remove most of the toxin from the protein extraction by multiple chromatographic columns, however ADX does not guarantee the endotoxin level of purified protein.
  • ADX guarantees that purified proteins to be soluble, as for the bio-reactivity and functionality, it is depended on individual proteins. If target protein expresses as inclusion body, ADX will refold it and make it soluble before delivery.

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